Experience the vibrancy of this iconic neighborhood

As the third busiest train station in North America, Grand Central is renowned for its stunning architecture and interior design.

This beautiful train station is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, and is home to numerous retail stores and eateries.  Today, the Grand Central we see standing in place is the third one to be built, after numerous upgrades done to the original building in order to accommodate NYC’s growing population.

Commissioned by Cornelius Vanderbilt in 1869, the original Grand Central Depot was a game changer for the city.

Grand Central Depot, 1871. | Photo courtesy of Grand Central Terminal.

The first major upgrade was done in 1900 to include an imposing glass structure and waiting room. The second renovation began in 1903, after an  unfortunate steam locomotive accident in 1902, to transition to electric trains. 

New Grand Central In Progress, 1903. | Photo courtesy of Grand Central Terminal.

Bustling with numerous tourists and locals alike today, this building is about more than trains. It’s about luxury shopping, entertainment, and numerous dining options. With numerous attractions like the United Nations, Radio City Music Hall, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the vicinity, you will definitely enjoy the neighborhood!