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One more iconic sculpture in the neighborhood for you

East Village

149-179 East 8th Street

If you are on the hunt for iconic sculptures in the city, we have one more for you to add in your list. When you are in Astor Place, you definitely won’t miss the Astor Place “cube”. The cube was formally known as Alamo, and it has been grounded in place since 1967. It was initially installed as a temporary public art installation.

Photo courtesy of Curbed New York

The 15-foot, 1,800-pound steel cube was created by sculptor Tony Rosenthal. He also petitioned for it to be made a permanent part of the neighborhood. The cube made the neighborhood its permanent home, and it acts as a marker, a popular meeting point.

Photo courtesy of Tony Rosenthal

There are 5 other cubes located in the U.S. Be sure to tag us when you can go locate the other 4!