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Be sure to have a bite of Joe’s Pizza while you’re here


7 Carmine Street

Recognized for their pizza all over the world, a slice of the classic cheesy New York pizza is a must have! Joe’s pizza checks off all the boxes of the quintessential New York slice: a thin, yet pliable slice you can fold in half to consume, with browned cheesy spots formed from bubbling inside the oven. 

Served on a paper plate, Joe’s is a reliable, fast and delicious option to appease your late night pizza cravings. Founded by Joe Pozzuoli from Italy in 1975, Joe’s has grown from a small corner store to now having a total of 6 locations in the city. Cooked expertly to a crispy and crunchy delight filled with flavor, Joe’s pizza definitely stands out among the hundreds of pizzerias in the city.

In addition to the classic red sauce, cheesy pizza, additional toppings like meats, vegetables, and white sauce are also available upon request. Limited seats are available at Joe’s, but you can take your gigantic slice of pizza to enjoy at the benches in the park across the street!