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Cinemas too mainstream for you? Check out IFC Center!


323 6th Ave 

If you’d like to experience a unique screening experience in the city, head down to the IFC Center to view some interesting art house films including independent and foreign films, as well as documentaries. This center currently hosts the annual Doc NYC, which is currently the country’s largest documentary film festival. 

Opened in June 2005, this art house movie theater formerly known as Waverly Theater, has an exterior that will definitely catch your attention. With a charming, old-timey, vintage look, this theater would definitely make for an amazing backdrop for an instagram post! 

Known as the original home of the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show, this theater was once a church in the early 19th century, before it was converted to a 3 theater facility and then the 5 theater facility that it is today. So if you’re in the city and hoping to catch a movie that isn’t a blockbuster, be sure to head over to the IFC Center website to check out their current movie schedule.