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Step foot in New York City’s busiest terminal!


89 East 42nd Street

A hard to miss building, Grand Central is known as one of New York’s iconic landmarks, and has a sculpture of Minerva, Hercules and Mercury perched atop the large glass clock over the entrance. 

The first Grand Central Terminal was constructed by Cornelius Vanderbilt in 1871, but was put out of service when steam engines were banned after a very fatal collision in 1902.

Grand by Design
Photo courtesy of Grand Central Terminal

The new Grand Central Terminal that it is today opened to the public on 2 February 1913, and cost more than $2 billion in today’s dollars to build. As one of the most visited destinations in New York City, this building receives about 750,000 visitors everyday, including tourists who wander the halls of the building to ogle at the jaw dropping architecture. With a total of 44 platforms, the most of any railroad station in the world, this building occupies a whopping 48 acres of land!

Not only does Grand Central function as a rail terminal, but it also has numerous retail and dining options you can shop and dine at. So be sure to give this terminal a visit, and it will be sure to blow you away.