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East Village

Freeman Alley 

Hidden just off of Rivington Street between Bowery and Chrystie Street, this dead end alley is home to numerous pieces of street art. Easily missed by many, this alley not only contains aesthetically pleasing pieces like one of the many lovewalls done by James Goldcrown in the city, but also houses an incredibly cozy restaurant at the end of the alley named Freemans. Started by restaurateurs Taavo Somer and William Tigertt, the restaurant’s bright blue door welcomes customers, as the dim lighting and vintage interior decoration gives you an incredibly homey feeling. On the corner of Freeman and Rivington is an entrepreneurship called Freeman’s Sporting Club that ironically does not sell any sporting goods. Instead, this shop functions as both a barber shop and a clothing store. 

Before Freemans was established, the building was used as a halfway house, and the alley was completely bricked in with just a small door. Sitting in the alley were numerous garbage pieces like hypodermic needles, leaves, and an old beat up car. In addition, the owners had to constantly chase junkies away from the alley, before they could successfully attract customers to the alley. 

If you’re looking to admire exquisite pieces of street art, or take some photos with a unique backdrop for the ‘gram, this is definitely the spot for you! In addition, if you do plan on dining at the taxidermy filled Freemans, be sure to make a reservation, because it can get crowded quickly.