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What’s special about this office building?


320 East 43rd Street 

While this 12 storey building might seem like any other office building in New York City, its unique 10,000 square foot garden at the base of the outstanding atrium makes it unlike any other building in the city. Perfect for a photo opportunity, or simply a place to relax and explore, the Ford Foundation’s garden is available to you!

Commissioned by Henry Ford II in the 1960s and designed by architects Kevin Rose and John Dinkeloo, this office building captured the aim of the foundation’s social justice goal.  Although the building was completed in 1968, it went through renovations beginning in 2015 in order to make it more open, inclusive, and environmentally friendly while maintaining its original character. Both the new gallery targeting artists who work with issues of justice and quality as well as the historic atrium garden are open to the public.

Made of glass, granite, and corten steel, this building is completed with giant trees, water pools, magnolias and much more. The incredibly modern look of this building brings a pleasing aesthetic that would make for a great backdrop for your instagram post! So head to this hidden tropical forest in the midst of the urban jungle for a different experience in the city.