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Marvel fans, guess who’s Sanctum you get to see here?


177A Bleecker Street

If you’re a big Marvel fan, you’re definitely in for a real treat! Known as the Sanctum Sanctorum in the comic books published by Marvel Comics, this address is widely known as the home to Doctor Strange, previously also the headquarters to the Defenders and the New Avengers. With an address of 177A Bleecker Street, this building was often a focal point for supernatural energies, and was rumored to have been built on the site of pagan sacrifices. 

While the residence is a fictional building which might seem to contain labyrinths and ever changing arrangement of the rooms, the address is very much a real one in Greenwich Village. As an apartment shared in the 1960s by Roy Thomas and Gary Friedrich, the writers of Marvel Comics, they chose 177A Bleecker Street as the domicile of Doctor Strange. 

Make your childhood dreams come true by visiting this building in person! The Comedy Cellar is located a short walk from this building so make sure to drop by before or after a show.