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Wait a minute, did somebody say cronuts?


189 Spring Street

If you’re looking to get your sugar fix after a satisfying meal, Dominique Ansel Bakery is the place for you! Known as the birthplace of numerous creative pastries such as the incredibly instagrammable cronut, the cookie shot, and the mango passionfruit soft serve tacos, this place is sure to leave you spoiled for choice. The sweet, smooth cream oozing out of the cronut at the first bite and the refreshing mango soft serve melting in your mouth will leave you craving for more. 

Started by Dominique, the bakery has since grown with locations in not only New York City, but also Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Although he never set out to be a chef, Dominique’s work in the kitchen first began in a local restaurant in France as an effort to help support his family. In 2006, chef Dominique moved from France to New York City with nothing but two suitcases to work as the Executive Pastry Chef for Daniel Boulud’s renowned restaurant Daniel. In 2011, he finally started his own bakery in New York City with just a team of four employees.

The cronut, a pastry part croissant and part doughnut, skyrocketed Dominique Ansel Bakery to fame. Dominique offers a new cronut flavor every month, with the flavors never repeating once the month has ended. People from all over the world line up round the block for a bite of the cream-filled, sugary glazed goodness. So stop by the birthplace of the world famous pastry, and grab a bite of the wide selection they have to offer!