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Satisfy your ice cream cravings at Ample Hills


141 8th Ave

Only to be found in New York City or Florida’s Disneyland, this ice cream spot offers a large assortment of flavors to satisfy your sugar cravings. First founded in 2011 by Brian Smith and Jackie Cuscuna, the couple hoped to create a local spot for the people of the neighborhood to form fond memories in. From well picked ingredients to carefully designed pints, this creamery offers one of the best scoops of ice cream in the city. 

With the mix ins handmade in house from scratch, Ample Hills does not hold back when it comes to variety. Offering one of a kind flavors that could challenge Ben & Jerry’s, Ample Hills welcomes customers to pitch new flavors to them at Red Hook Factory, their production facility. As the first ice cream store in New York City to pasteurize on site, they pride themselves on the maximum freshness and incredible flavor of their rich, creamy ice cream. This creamery makes for an amazing treat, and an even better hang out spot for friends and family!