Off-Campus Apartments Near NYU – A Charming Stay in the Heart of the City

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Nestled in the heart of the bustling city, Heritage Apartments @ 81 Sullivan Street offers a charming and comfortable stay for students seeking a unique experience while studying in some of New York’s finest universities. Located in a historic building that dates back to the 19th century, this boutique apartment complex boasts a rich heritage that blends seamlessly with modern amenities, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a taste of both the past and the present.

The Neighborhood.

Situated in the vibrant neighborhood of SoHo, Heritage Apartments @ 81 Sullivan Street is ideally located for those looking to explore the best of New York City. Students not only have convenient access to NYC’s shopping district at their doorstep but they can also easily access popular spots such as Washington Square Park, and most importantly, New York University (NYU) – one of the most prominent and respected research universities in the world. The surrounding area is filled with quaint cafes, trendy boutiques, and diverse dining options, offering a truly immersive experience of the city’s rich cultural fabric.

Being nestled within one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in New York City, you can find yourselves within a plethora of attractions and activities to explore. For instance, Washington Square Park is a hub of activity with its famous arch, performance artists, and lively atmosphere. The area also offers an eclectic dining scene, with a wide range of cuisines from around the world, including Italian, French, Japanese, and more.

In addition, Heritage Apartments @ 81 Sullivan Street is conveniently located near Spring St subway station, connecting you to other parts of the city – making exploration easy on weekends.

The Heritage Collection Experience.

One of the highlights of staying at Heritage Apartments @ 81 Sullivan Street is the unique heritage experience it offers. Although the apartment has been around since the 1900s, it is now refurbished and retrofitted with modern amenities suitable for urban living. Our signature features include:

Flexible Lease Terms: Don’t worry about committing to a full 12-months. Regardless of your academic year, semester or type of programme, we welcome all students!

Fully Furnished: You don’t have to source to furniture rentals during your stay with us. All units are move-in ready, all you have to do is bring your clothes.

Complimentary Monthly Housekeeping: Leave the cleaning to us and all you have to do is focus on what’s important. Our monthly rates are inclusive of complimentary monthly housekeeping.

Personal Property Managers: Each building has a Property Manager who goes above and beyond to ensure a memorable stay for their tenants. From personalized recommendations on local attractions and dining options to attentive service that caters to the tenants’ needs, the warm and friendly hospitality adds an extra layer of charm to the stay.

The Apartments.

Heritage Apartments @ 81 Sullivan Street offers a range of thoughtfully designed apartments that cater to students with differing budgets. Whether you’re here in the city alone or with a roommate, you’ll find an apartment that suits your needs. Choose from either a full Two Bedroom Apartment, a Studio Apartment, or a Co-Living Private Room – each unit is tastefully decorated with a blend of modern furnishings, creating a cozy yet chic ambiance.

Each apartment is fully equipped with modern amenities, including a kitchenette, flat-screen TV, air conditioning (and heating for cold Winter days), and complimentary Wi-Fi, making it a comfortable home away from home. Some units also feature large windows that let in ample natural light, allowing you to enjoy the views of the surrounding city streets and soak in the vibrant energy of New York City. We offer a fully conducive environment for students to live, work and play.

Complimentary laundry facilities are also found in-building, saving you time and a trip to the laundromat.

Connect With Us.


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Remember Rachel, Joey, Ross, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler?

90 Bedford Street

Are you a huge fan of the classic American sitcom ‘Friends’? If so, make sure you pay a visit to this gem located right in Greenwich Village. While the interior of Monica and Rachel’s  apartment might have been filmed on set in a studio, the exterior shots of the building can be found just a short walk from our apartments.

Friends' is leaving Netflix, won't be available to stream until May
Photo courtesy of CNBC

While Monica and Rachel seemed to be able to afford the apartment despite seemingly living outside of their means, realistically an apartment of that size in Greenwich Village would cost about $5,000 a month today. However, the writers behind Friends used the tactic of rent control to explain how Monica and Rachel were able to afford the apartment.  

While the show’s ‘Central Perk’ might not exist in the actual building, a mediterranean restaurant named Little Owl takes its place in Greenwich Village. Snap a photo with the well recognized building, before heading into the restaurant for a lunch break!

Marvel fans, guess who’s Sanctum you get to see here?

177A Bleecker Street

If you’re a big Marvel fan, you’re definitely in for a real treat! Known as the Sanctum Sanctorum in the comic books published by Marvel Comics, this address is widely known as the home to Doctor Strange, previously also the headquarters to the Defenders and the New Avengers. With an address of 177A Bleecker Street, this building was often a focal point for supernatural energies, and was rumored to have been built on the site of pagan sacrifices. 

While the residence is a fictional building which might seem to contain labyrinths and ever changing arrangement of the rooms, the address is very much a real one in Greenwich Village. As an apartment shared in the 1960s by Roy Thomas and Gary Friedrich, the writers of Marvel Comics, they chose 177A Bleecker Street as the domicile of Doctor Strange. 

Make your childhood dreams come true by visiting this building in person! The Comedy Cellar is located a short walk from this building so make sure to drop by before or after a show. 

Secret Garden at St. Luke in the Fields

487 Hudson Street

Feeling overwhelmed by the fast paced city and need a break? Behind a thick brick wall next to the Church of St. Likes in the Field is a ‘secret garden’, the perfect place away from the urban jungle to destress. Enjoy a book while sipping on a cup of coffee while resting on one of the many benches available in the garden. 

While the garden might sit on a 2 acre piece of land belonging to the church, it does welcome people from the public to enjoy their incredibly well maintained garden. Home to a 100 species of birds and two dozen types of butterflies and moths, this privately managed garden accepts donations from the public in order to continue the upkeep of the garden. 

The garden was first started during a planting from England’s famous Glastonbury tree in 1842, and has since expanded to the 6 part garden that it is today. What are you waiting for? Head to the garden and let the noise of the city fade away as you absorb the calm sounds of the rustling trees and chirping birds!

Wait a minute, did somebody say cronuts?

189 Spring Street

If you’re looking to get your sugar fix after a satisfying meal, Dominique Ansel Bakery is the place for you! Known as the birthplace of numerous creative pastries such as the incredibly instagrammable cronut, the cookie shot, and the mango passionfruit soft serve tacos, this place is sure to leave you spoiled for choice. The sweet, smooth cream oozing out of the cronut at the first bite and the refreshing mango soft serve melting in your mouth will leave you craving for more. 

Started by Dominique, the bakery has since grown with locations in not only New York City, but also Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Although he never set out to be a chef, Dominique’s work in the kitchen first began in a local restaurant in France as an effort to help support his family. In 2006, chef Dominique moved from France to New York City with nothing but two suitcases to work as the Executive Pastry Chef for Daniel Boulud’s renowned restaurant Daniel. In 2011, he finally started his own bakery in New York City with just a team of four employees.

The cronut, a pastry part croissant and part doughnut, skyrocketed Dominique Ansel Bakery to fame. Dominique offers a new cronut flavor every month, with the flavors never repeating once the month has ended. People from all over the world line up round the block for a bite of the cream-filled, sugary glazed goodness. So stop by the birthplace of the world famous pastry, and grab a bite of the wide selection they have to offer!

Be sure to have a bite of Joe’s Pizza while you’re here

7 Carmine Street

Recognized for their pizza all over the world, a slice of the classic cheesy New York pizza is a must have! Joe’s pizza checks off all the boxes of the quintessential New York slice: a thin, yet pliable slice you can fold in half to consume, with browned cheesy spots formed from bubbling inside the oven. 

Served on a paper plate, Joe’s is a reliable, fast and delicious option to appease your late night pizza cravings. Founded by Joe Pozzuoli from Italy in 1975, Joe’s has grown from a small corner store to now having a total of 6 locations in the city. Cooked expertly to a crispy and crunchy delight filled with flavor, Joe’s pizza definitely stands out among the hundreds of pizzerias in the city.

In addition to the classic red sauce, cheesy pizza, additional toppings like meats, vegetables, and white sauce are also available upon request. Limited seats are available at Joe’s, but you can take your gigantic slice of pizza to enjoy at the benches in the park across the street!

Craving for all things Italian? We got you!

129 MacDougal Street

Nestled in a corner a short walk from the apartments is an Italian cafe, often overlooked by passersby. La Lanterna Di Vittorio was established in 1977. This hidden gem dishes out anything from a delicious, tender, pesto filled lasagna, to a tiramisu that is definitely to die for! With a close proximity to the New York University campus, NYU students can often be found sipping on their coffees.

With a lantern lit indoor garden which has a skylight roof, and a live jazz bar downstairs, this quaint restaurant’s dim lighting and cozy ambience makes the cafe a perfect spot for a date with a friend, colleague or lover. Enjoy a cheesy thin crust pizza in the cute garden sitting area with plenty of natural light, making for a perfect instagram photo opportunity! 

First set up by Carlo and Marissa Antonini, La Lanterna Di Vittorio was one of the first real Italian cafes in Greenwich Village. In the mid 80s, the cafe was passed to their son to manage, who transformed the cafe from one that primarily served desserts and coffee into a full service restaurant that even includes a jazz club. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and indulge in some heavenly Italian comfort food in a relaxed setting. 

If you need a spot to destress or LOL, head to Comedy Cellar

117 MacDougal St 

Although New York might be known for its vibrant comedy scene, Greenwich Village can be credited with producing the most number of distinguished comedic icons. Among the multitudes of comedy clubs located in Greenwich, Comedy Cellar has emerged as the venue for not only emerging comedians, but is also the regular stomping ground for some of the world’s most well recognized comedians. 

Founded by current television writer and producer, Bill Grundfest, in 1982, the club is run by Estee Adoram who has been essential in establishing the club’s phenomenal reputation. From reputable stand up comedians such as Aziz Ansari and Jon Stewart who first made their breakthrough at the Comedy Cellar, to rising stars like Andrew Schulz and Nikki Glaser, the Comedy Central is the ideal spot to watch some of the most hilarious people in the game hone the art of comedy. 

While the option to stand in line and wait for tickets is available, we do recommend that you reserve tickets online as the shows get booked up quickly. Definitely do not hesitate to spend an evening at this comedy club and seize the opportunity to watch some of the best in the industry perform!

Cinemas too mainstream for you? Check out IFC Center!

323 6th Ave 

If you’d like to experience a unique screening experience in the city, head down to the IFC Center to view some interesting art house films including independent and foreign films, as well as documentaries. This center currently hosts the annual Doc NYC, which is currently the country’s largest documentary film festival. 

Opened in June 2005, this art house movie theater formerly known as Waverly Theater, has an exterior that will definitely catch your attention. With a charming, old-timey, vintage look, this theater would definitely make for an amazing backdrop for an instagram post! 

Known as the original home of the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show, this theater was once a church in the early 19th century, before it was converted to a 3 theater facility and then the 5 theater facility that it is today. So if you’re in the city and hoping to catch a movie that isn’t a blockbuster, be sure to head over to the IFC Center website to check out their current movie schedule. 

Here’s one more NYC park for you to chill and unwind

Washington Square

Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, this beautiful park is a common place for not only the students of nearby universities to hang out, but also a popular spot for both locals and tourists alike. Whether it be a musician, or a dancer, there is always something to keep you entertained at the park as you enjoy a nice cup of coffee!

This park is landmarked by the well recognized Washington Square Arch which was erected in 1889 in commemoration of the centennial inauguration of George Washington as the U.S. president. This lovely historic park has many events and traditions like a tree lighting ceremony in December, or the Washington Square Music Festival in June to offer. Regardless of the season, there is always something abuzz in the park. 

With a backdrop of the impressive water fountain, the iconic arch has appeared in numerous tv shows and movies like ‘When Harry Met Sally”. So what are you waiting for? Whip out your cameras and begin striking poses that will surely capture the attention of others on the gram!

Delve into the intricacies of the city’s bohemian capital

The Village got its name from Groenwijck – Dutch for “Green District”, named during the period of Dutch control over the area. In its early days, this historical neighborhood formed a significant part of the American bohemian culture in the early and mid-20th Century. It was the ground for many political, artistic and cultural movements. 

One prominent institution in the Village is the Whitney Museum of American Art, founded in 1931. It was built in response to MoMA’s neglect on American Art. The Whitney then became a space for for younger and lesser-known artists to showcase and exhibit their works.

The Whitney’s original location is now home to New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture, on W 8th Street. | Photo courtesy of wikipedia.

Although many artists lamented that urban bohemia they once knew is long gone, you can still experience remnants of it. The colors, the artistic residents and the alternative culture of the bohemian lifestyle continues to make Greenwich Village the warm and welcoming neighborhood it is today.

The 2019 Village Halloween Parade Guide
It is also home to the city’s largest halloween parade. | Photo courtesy of Village Alliance.

The communal culture of its residents (and visitors) is most prominent in the heart of the Village, that is the Washington Square Park. We have a list of activities and places for you to explore in Greenwich, so read on!