This way to the staircase to nowhere

West 30th – 34th Street, 10th – 12th Ave

Known as the “staircase to nowhere”, this remarkable structure makes for an excellent start or end point to a stroll on The High Line. The intricate and modern design of the Vessel is undoubtedly breathtaking, and enchants visitors from all over the world. With 2500 individual steps, this copper-steel structure stands at 150 feet tall and comprises 154 flights of stairs. Manufactured in Italy, the Vessel cost over $150 million and opened on 15 March 2019. Inspired by the ancient Indian stepwells, this honeycomb-like interactive sculpture is free for the public to climb and explore! Do make sure to reserve your tickets online before arrival. 

Stephen Ross, the CEO of Hudson Yards’ Developer Related Companies, commissioned the Vessel in hopes that it would be a marker of community and identity. His wish was for the Vessel to show future generations the public spiritedness behind the project. 

Head over to one of the many restaurants surrounding the Vessel to refuel after exploring the sculpture. With over 100 restaurants including a few run by celebrity chefs such as Momofuku’s founder, David Chang, and World Central Kitchen founder, José Andrés, you will surely find something you enjoy. 

Calling all fans of pop and street art!

229 10th Ave 

If you’re looking for a more laid back evening, Chelsea is home to numerous world class galleries, many of which can be found along 10th avenue. The Taglialatella, one of our favorite galleries, offers modern and contemporary art, focusing  on the pop and street art movement. 

Dominic J. Taglialatella opened his first gallery in New Jersey in 1978, and Taglialatella has since expanded into locations in New York City, Palm Beach, Paris, and Toronto. With works by world renowned artists like Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, and Russell Young displayed, the Taglialatella exhibits works by both prominent and new artists. 

Despite the accomplishments of the galleries, founders Dominic and Sally Taglialetella see the development of the Katherine M. Taglialatella Foundation as their biggest accomplishment. The foundation donates 100% of their profits raised to award scholarships to minority students of single parents attending Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary School in East Harlem. 

Meet New York’s iconic building

175 5th Ave

If you’ve ever seen the famous television show “Friends”, you will definitely recognize this oddly shaped building, which is also one of New York’s iconic buildings.

Standing at 285 feet, and 22 stories tall, this triangular shaped building was completed in 1902. Originally known as the Fuller Building, it was only one of two buildings north of 14th street that was considered a skyscraper at that time. 

This Man Dove off the Flatiron Building into a Collapsible Plastic Pool for  20 Years | 6sqft
Every year on his birthday on April 2, 1954, Henri LaMothe celebrated his birthday by jumping 40 feet off the Flatiron into a tiny pool. The stunt was done annually for 20 years | Photo courtesy of 6sqft

Ever since its construction in 1902, the building has been home to numerous small businesses. However, in recent years businesses have migrated downtown to buildings with cheaper rents, and an opportunity to merge all the staff into a modern workplace. Today, the building is vacated and there are plans to reinvent the building in favor of a new lobby, air conditioners, more staircases, and more. 

Designated as a New York City landmark in 1966, a National Historic Landmark in 1989, and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979, this quintessential symbol of New York City is a hotspot for backdrop of instagram posts. So, don’t hesitate to head over and admire this unique building!

You can never go wrong with this bagel & coffee combo

286 8th Ave

Home to some of the best bagels, a stay in NYC will not be completed without a trip to one of the local bagel places. Serving the Chelsea and Astoria area since 2003, this bagel shop is loved by many locals and has much to offer. From the classic plain bagel to the cinnamon raisin and onion bagels, Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company has options that will appeal to everyone. 

These bagels’ chewy exterior and fluffy interior will leave you drooling for more. Feeling extra ravenous? No worries, you can opt to add eggs, meats and cheeses to your bagel for an additional boost of protein! You can also choose from the wide array of cream cheese and spreads offered ranging from the traditional plain cream cheese to a honey bacon sriracha spread. Stop by this bagel store, just a short walk from the apartment, to grab a quick and scrumptious breakfast on the go!

Bombolinis or pizzas? Why not have both at this bakery!

236 9th Ave

Head over to this bakery just a short walk from the apartment to satiate your sweet tooth, or enjoy a bite off their array of savory goods. The delicious aroma that wafts through the bakery will instantly welcome you. With such a wide selection of goods to offer ranging from croissants to pizzas, Sullivan Street Bakery’s bombolonis are often a popular go to for customers. 

Established by Jim Lahey in 1994, this bakery has been supplying over 250 New York restaurants with their baked goods. Studying in Italy as an art student, Lahey started the bakery to make the yummy breads he had grown to love but could not find in the city.

With a bright and airy space offering seating for 50 people, this bakery has grown to be a neighborhood favorite. Stop by to try a slice of square cut margherita pizza or indulge yourself in a light and fluffy bomboloni!

Don’t forget to add this into your itinerary for the day!

Satisfy your ice cream cravings at Ample Hills

141 8th Ave

Only to be found in New York City or Florida’s Disneyland, this ice cream spot offers a large assortment of flavors to satisfy your sugar cravings. First founded in 2011 by Brian Smith and Jackie Cuscuna, the couple hoped to create a local spot for the people of the neighborhood to form fond memories in. From well picked ingredients to carefully designed pints, this creamery offers one of the best scoops of ice cream in the city. 

With the mix ins handmade in house from scratch, Ample Hills does not hold back when it comes to variety. Offering one of a kind flavors that could challenge Ben & Jerry’s, Ample Hills welcomes customers to pitch new flavors to them at Red Hook Factory, their production facility. As the first ice cream store in New York City to pasteurize on site, they pride themselves on the maximum freshness and incredible flavor of their rich, creamy ice cream. This creamery makes for an amazing treat, and an even better hang out spot for friends and family!

Read about your favorite artworks and artists here

231 11th Ave

Established in 1976, Printed matter is the world’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to the promotions of publications made by artists!

Printed Matter was developed in response to the rising amount of interest in publications made by artists. Providing a space for artists to explore book form as an artistic medium, Printed Matter presented an opportunity for experimentation and circulation of artwork outside of the norms of the gallery system. 

With over 5,000 artists represented, Printed Matter is a bookworm’s wonderland. Lose track of time browsing through the wide selection of books, including hard to find titles old and new. Drop by Printed Matter for a laid back afternoon browsing incredibly affordable books that could keep you company during your stay!

There’s a sports complex by the river?

62 Chelsea Piers 

Stretching from the 17th to the 23rd street on the westside of Manhattan are four piers that have come to be known as Chelsea piers today. Originally known to be a passenger ship terminal in the early 1900s, the pier was shut down in preparation for a highway to be constructed along the Hudson. However, after a failed highway project, the pier was auctioned off, and construction of the impressive waterfront that it is today began. Opened in 1995, this sports complex offers not only a state-of-the-art facility suitable for even the finest Olympians, but also a stunning view of the Hudson River, this facility is definitely a fitness lover’s paradise. 

In addition to a sports facility, this complex is also home to a skating rink, a bowling alley, a spa, a theater, restaurants, and much more. Located in front of the complex is Hudson River Greenway, where runners, cyclists and pedestrians share a wide pathway which runs along the city from Lower Manhattan to the Upper West Side. The Hudson River Greenway is a part of the East Coast Greenway which runs from Florida to Maine, and is the most heavily used bikeway in the United States. 

If you’d like to enjoy a meal with a view of the sunset on the water, or just want to workout at one of the most well known fitness facilities in the city, Chelsea Piers is the place for you!

However, please do remember to consult their website for detailed information on schedules and prices since they can vary!

Chelsea Market – a foodie’s paradise!

75 9th Ave

Hungry after an evening stroll on the High Line, or simply just want a cup of coffee? Look no further than Chelsea Market, an indoor food hall that is most definitely a foodies’ paradise, and located in the old Nabisco factory, where the well known Oreo cookies were first invented. From hand-crafted ramen bowls to mouthwatering street tacos, it is likely that you will find something to satisfy your every craving!

First built in the 1890s, this building was owned by the New York Biscuit Company which formed when 8 large eastern bakeries in New York merged together. When the biscuit company vacated the space in 1958, the building was used as both office and production spaces, until the 1990s where the complex was transformed into a retail ground level with office space above.

Monkey Puzzle Blog: Chelsea Market Christmas
Within the brick walls, you’ll find mesmerizing decor, like this one right here | Photo courtesy of Monkey Puzzle Blog

Usually bustling with people today, the sand blasted brick walls and twinkle lights that illuminate the building really brings an unique ambiance to the market. Preserving some features of the old factory like the floors and some signs, this market is full of history. In the center of the market lies an artificial water fountain assembled using discarded drill bits and a large exposed pipe, which empties water into an incredibly deep well. 

The 9 Best Shops in Chelsea Market, NYC
Shop till you drop in many of the little stores you can find in the market | Photo courtesy of Culture Trip

If you’d like to take a break from eating, the market offers various apparel stores that you can leisurely browse. Search for one of a kind items in Artists & Fleas, a community of ever changing local vendors selling merchandise ranging from art and photography to vintage clothing and jewelry. 

Discover Manhattan’s art district by the riverside

As one of the oldest neighborhoods in New York City to retain its original name, Chelsea is named after the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London, England. Thomas Clarke, a British captain purchased a property and chose to name his estate Chelsea. 

A primarily residential neighborhood, it contains numerous retail businesses that reflect the incredibly diverse social and ethnic diversity of the area.

This was what Chelsea was like back in the ’60s. | Photo courtesy of High Line.

In the early 1920s, Chelsea was also home to Hershey’s Chocolate candy plant. The warehouse focused on the then new confectionery, Hershey’s Chewing Gum. The plan did not take off, and the building is now home to New York’s favorite grocery store, Trader Joe’s.

Hershey employees working on the Hershey’s Chewing Gum. | Photo courtesy of The Bowery Boys.

Recently transformed into the center of the New York City art world, this neighborhood is home to over 200 art galleries located in various hollowed out warehouses. 

Join numerous residents and visitors alike in a stroll along this charming neighborhood, or grab a bite to eat at one of the many eateries in the neighborhood.