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Off-Campus Student Housing in NYC: Finding Your Ideal Home Away from Home

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Congratulations! You are finally moving to New York City for your university experience. Life as a student in New York City is not only exciting but also a transformative one. As someone who is seeking a wholesome experience, wanting to maximize every opportunity this city presents to you, securing a suitable student housing option is the most crucial decision you’ll need to make as you embark on this new chapter. Of course, there are always accommodation options that are located on campus. However, we know how competitive it is to find a suitable dorm. Hence, we are introducing you to off-campus living for your upcoming academic semester.

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In New York City, there are plenty of options to consider. The city’s vibrant energy and diverse neighborhoods could be one of the main reasons why you’ve decided to pursue higher education here, and for that you are looking forward to live like a local. We are here to guide you on how to navigate the complexities of finding off-campus student housing in NYC. The city’s competitive rental market and high living costs require careful planning and research and that it is essential to have a well-informed approach.

  1. Neighborhood Considerations
    New York City is a vibrant mosaic of neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and character. You want to be at the heart of the action but you also want to ensure that you’re not located too far away from your campus. Other important considerations you need to bear in mind include proximity to subway stations, safety, accessibility to amenities like grocery stores, coffee shops, fitness studios, and parks. Popular neighborhoods for students include Manhattan’s East Village and Greenwich Village.

  2. Safety & Security
    Safety is always a top priority when sourcing for accommodation in NYC. You may be spending long hours on campus working on projects, papers or even studying for exams. For that, you do not want to be walking home in an unsafe neighborhood. After narrowing down to your preferred neighborhood, ensure that you do a thorough research of the neighborhood’s crime rates, proximity to public transportation, and the availability of essential amenities like grocery stores and pharmacies.

  3. Budgeting and Financial Considerations
    Living expenses in NYC can be high, so it’s essential to plan your budget wisely. From rent to transportation, groceries and other expenses.

  4. Planning and Early Action
    The NYC rental market moves quickly, so it’s crucial to start your housing search well in advance. Begin researching and contacting potential landlords at least a few months before your intended move-in date to secure your most preferred accommodation option.

Heritage Collection New York, your choice off-campus student accommodation

Heritage Collection New York is provides fully furnished apartments suitable for students seeking off-campus housing options during their academic stint in the city. Our apartments are designed with our students in mind, providing you with maximum comfort and convenient living experience. At Heritage Collection, we aim to provide guests with the most wholesome experience and we check the above checklist when apartment hunting in New York City.

Here are 4 main reasons why our apartments are the perfect fit for your stint in NYC:

  1. Neighborhood Considerations: Our apartments are well-located within the popular neighborhoods of Greenwich Village, SoHo, Chelsea, East Village, and Midtown East. These vibrant locations appeal to our student tenants as the apartments are not only located close to their campuses but are also within the city’s prime entertainment spots. These locations offer easy access to major subway lines and other amenities. Staying with Heritage Collection is that convenient!

  2. Safety & Security: The locations of our apartments are ideal as their location within prime spots in the city means that you will not be going to home to a quiet street. Access into our buildings are only possible via registered tenants’ Brivo Mobile Pass. This digital lock system allows for a frictionless and quick access into your building and apartment – you don’t have to worry about having too many keys. Our buildings are also fitted with CCTV surveillance to provide you with the maximum security so as to ensure that you have a peaceful stay with us.

  3. Budgeting and Financial Considerations: Our apartments are carefully curated with modern and vibrant decor to give you the most comfortable living environment. Each apartment comes fully-equipped with a kitchenette, furnished bedroom, and ensuite bathroom. We know that there are other expenses that you have to take into consideration during your semester in the city. Hence, we strive to keep monthly rentals affordable despite providing you with move-in ready apartments, where you don’t have to worry about renting furnitures.

  4. Planning and Early Action: As there are limited number of units available for your consideration, we encourage all students to make your enquiry with us at least 2 months ahead so as to secure your most preferred location and apartment type. The enquiry and application process is relatively quick and this will be laid out in the next section.

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